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The Agile Online Summit was created for people who couldn't attend major conferences. This will be its third year, and the main goal is to bring major level agile speakers to people all over the world as well as spotlight some up and coming agile coaches and trainers too. The event has free general admission which gives people access for the week. VIPs get lifetime access to the content. There is also a coaching option for people to get 6 interactive coaching sessions that occur after the summit for a fee. Join us October 7th - 11th for this wonderful opportunity!

Charles Cain avatar

Charles Cain


Mike Clement

Founding Software Craftsman
David Maryakhin avatar

David Maryakhin

Chad Beier avatar

Chad Beier

Organizational Agility Advisor | Professional Scrum Trainer
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Ricardo Picoto

Think Agile, Breath Agile, Keep Learning Agile
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Marshall Guillory

Author, SAFe SPC4, Enterprise Agility Coach
Jeff Bubolz avatar

Jeff Bubolz

Organizational Agility Advisor
Missing avatar

Michael ICP-ACC

ScrumMaster | Certified Agile Coach | Software Development Manager
Missing avatar

Karl-Heinz Busch

Senior Consultant for Lean in Development and Engineering

Sven Köhler

agile coach

Adam Magen

VP Product Development at Siemens Industry Software
Missing avatar

Nivarti ITIL-F

Service Veteran, UN Peace Keeper, Coach, Avid reader, thought leader exploring new technologies & practices

Rod 977

Missing avatar

Tudor Tofan

Keep calm and scrum on!
Missing avatar

Paul Murphy

Solutions Architect at rt health, development manager, agile coach (PT)
Missing avatar

Ramanathan Yegyanarayanan


Marianne 787

Scrum Master
Tori Palmer avatar

Tori Palmer

Agile Transformation Lead

Martin Wiseman

PMP® Project Manager ScrumMaster Agile Coach

Subhendu Bhanti

Certified Scrum Master with expertise in Agile Project Management and Quality Assurance. Currently working with BMO


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